Welcome to Schwalbach am Taunus, dear friends!

"Schwalbach am Taunus has a lot to offer: the advantages of a small town, the infrastructure of a dynamic region, and the Taunus Mountains, with their beautiful landscapes and recreational opportunities, right next door!" (Mayor Christiane Augsburger)

The Location: Schwalbach am Taunus lies on the southeast slope of the Taunus Mountains, just 12 kilometers from Frankfurt, the center of the Rhine-Main Region. The town therefore has best links, but still a prime, quiet location on the edge of the Upper Taunus Nature Reserve.

Old Schwalbach and Limes Community: First mentioned in documents in 781, the town experienced its greatest transformation in the 1960s with the construction of the Limes Community (Wohnstadt Limes). Named after the ancient wall that ran through the region and formed the Roman Empire's northern border, this prize-winning model community boasts an excellent infrastructure - preschools, schools, parks, and a suburban railway (S-Bahn) station. In 1970, the former village of Schwalbach am Taunus achieved the status of a town. Its centre, which contains the town offices, community hall, and numerous shops surrounding the market square, also connects Old Schwalbach with the new part of the town.

Our Ancient Town Hall in Old Schwalbach

Jobs with Future: Offices of international companies, including many in high-tech fields, characterize the town's business community. It is no wonder that an estimated 80 percent of the over 9.000 jobs in Schwalbach am Taunus are service activities. Of course, skilled trades, shops, and restaurants are also represented. The town hosts a weekly market, which is very popular.

Recreation on our Doorstep: Would you like to walk through apple orchards or along rustling streams? Or would you prefer to jog through the "Arboretum", a spacious park of 75 hectares with about 600 types of trees and bushes from countries of the northern hemisphere such as Siberia or China?

Another possibility might be a visit to parts of the "Rhine Main Regional Park" that are located in Schwalbach am Taunus. This Park, partly still under construction, and counting a length of 500 kilometers on the whole, links the different landscapes, offering multiple possibilities of relaxation and distraction in the open countryside for the population of an economically very active region.

The 70 completed kilometers of the "Rhine Main Region Park" invite pedestrians as well as joggers or bikers to enjoy a well-kept countryside of amazing variety: just having a walk, studying art objects such as the El Lissitzky Alley in Schwalbach am Taunus or taking the children to the popular Opel Zoo in Kronberg or to one of the refreshing outdoor swimming pools in the region - the decision is up to the visitor.

The Town offers Quality of Life: These are not empty words - quality of life in all areas is our town administration's prime goal. This is shown, for example, in attractive service offerings for young and old (from toddler groups to the geriatric care facilities), landscape protection and a farsighted policy for attracting business.

Culture and Clubs: Theatre, cinema, concerts (jazz is a Schwalbach tradition), street festivals - all are organized by the town's unique culture company. The town library centrally located on the market square, serves the public with an expanded offering. More than 60 clubs bear witness to the town's rich social life.
Living together in Harmony: About 16.000 people from over 100 nations live in Schwalbach am Taunus. Town authorities and involved citizens cultivate an atmosphere of friendly coexistence. Relationships with our partner cities Avrillé (France), Yarm (England), Olkusz (Poland) and Schkopau (Saxony-Anhalt in former Eastern Germany) do not just exist on paper - they are lived out in practice.

Schools and Preschools: The town boasts two elementary schools, the comprehensive Friedrich-Ebert-Schule (Integrierte Gesamtschule), and the college-preparatory Albert-Einstein-Schule (Gymnasium). It also offers two municipal and four church-operated preschools. Projects like the reading promotion program in municipal preschools set good examples in work with children and adolescents.

Industrial Parks: Schwalbach am Taunus has three industrial parks, two of which deserve special mention. Over 35 companies have already set up operations in "Am Kronberger Hang", and construction of more office buildings is expected. The Schwalbach section of the "Camp-Phoenix-Park", which makes up the second of the industrial parks, is located between Schwalbach and its neighbour town Eschborn. "Camp-Phoenix-Park" is a joint project of the two cities.

Would you like to learn more? Please contact:
Magistrat der Stadt Schwalbach am Taunus
Marktplatz 1-2
D-65824 Schwalbach am Taunus

Übersetzung: Erich Stichel M.A.